the green circle

the point area has the green circle trail and as a runner i am eternally thankful for all the people who established and maintain it. the trails are amazing. it is a nice, soft surface that runs along side the wisconsin and plover rivers. anyhow i love it.

SIDE NOTE – i like to get diet coke refills instead of new drinks. i figure they are not only cheaper (which is something i like) but also more environmentally friendly. the other day i was surprised when i went to the bp store that has the cheapest refills in the point area. the surprised occurred when i pulled the lid off of the cup i had brought from my car into the store. as i pulled the lid and straw off of the cup a very angry yellow jacket suddenly flew out of it. there really is no cool way to respond to the shock of a yellow jacket coming out of your cup aiming to attack you. i’m afraid that my scream and sudden rush away from the diet coke loving, stinger bearing, ticked off insect was not received well by the store’s staff or my fellow customers. they also didn’t seem very happy with the mad yellow jacket that i left with them as i decided to leave the store. i guess for a few weeks i’ll now be going to another place for my daily diet coke.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i watched this video of one of ryan hall’s marathon work outs and his discussion of the term ole’. hall is a beast and the video is quite cool. adam and i ended up making a video on my response to the hall video.

SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – there is one benefit to not being a youth minister when you’re kids are both involved in a youth ministry – wednesdays become date night.

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  1. I discovered I have a yellow jacket nest in the backyard by getting stung 3 times while mowing…hurt like hell!

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