the week in tweets – 2009-08-29

  • @T1545 – that must mean the Summer is over? in reply to T1545 #
  • @eLP88 – make charlie cook for you. he needs to learn his place 🙂 #
  • and for the 3rd night in a row it appears that i will not be able to sleep – woohoo!?!?!? #
  • Involvement in the community is a kingdom growth strategy not a church growth strategy – from #leadnet playing at the moment. #
  • Trying to read a commentary on Ephesians & listen to #leadnet talk radio at the same time is not a very good idea. Time for ambient music? #
  • Free Chic-Fila by joining here You can thank me later. #
  • Old men in biker shorts isn't really a good look, even we the old men actually are bikers. #
  • @natebyrd3 – there are other options available. i wear mine under a pair of running shorts. in reply to natebyrd3 #
  • “Win a 2 TB External hard drive filled with Design Resources– From @MediaMilitia and @Bittbox” – #
  • "Save 2nd Base" made me truly Laugh Out Loud. #
  • @schuchmann – i find the whole asking people to be a fan of individuals or organizations weird anyhow. things worth it don't have to ask. in reply to schuchmann #
  • @exchangedliving – i'm definitely a little jealous of you eating at canes. in reply to exchangedliving #
  • Anybody have a fantasy football league that is looking for an additional person? #
  • @natebyrd3 – what, i'm the guy that doesn't display his junk to the world?@natebyrd3 in reply to natebyrd3 #
  • I have a love/hate relationship with Word Biblical Commentaries. I love the parts I understand & hate how stupid I feel at the other parts. #

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