the week in tweets – 2009-09-26

  • Just finished preaching at a church that once was full but has shrunk to 9 people. I'm thankful for the growth of Tapestry. I prefer growth #
  • @bCodySmith – what would be wrong with eating Canes everyday? in reply to bCodySmith #
  • @jesslawrence1 – yeah those were good times in reply to jesslawrence1 #
  • How is it that truly great days always seem to be so tiring? #
  • Happy Birthday HG Wells! #
  • At a local TTU meeting tonight I heard the best name ever … DIRK GUNDERSON. It's awesome. Sounds like a Hollywood detective name. #
  • i love ira glass #
  • @theboy1der – today i discovered that our netflix account gives us instant viewing of the "this american life" show 🙂 in reply to theboy1der #
  • @kara_nicole – sorry i said it first so i win in reply to kara_nicole #
  • it's a woot-off!!!!!!! #
  • @joshcausey @exchangedliving -i'm definitely not what anyone would consider hip but i like it – "bring us love YOU WHO are love" – hmm tasty #
  • @exchangedliving – i kind of hope it is the aim because i'm a little tired of each new dcb album being the automatic new worship music. in reply to exchangedliving #
  • @exchangedliving – the churches that i enjoy the most using his stuff just do their own thing and use his lyrics – usually more folksy in reply to exchangedliving #
  • Anybody interested in running the Fall50 with me? I'm looking to do it with a team or pair not solo – #
  • Youngest child is sick AGAIN – threw up at school & home. #
  • @allimill – score – i'm a little jealous in reply to allimill #
  • at the moment i having a dreaming basset hound beside me – life is good as long as the dream doesn't end with him biting something. #
  • @lensweet – i think the answer is probably YES on both in reply to lensweet #
  • The problem with a WootOff is that it leads to me constantly checking hoping for a Boggy Old Creature. It's a little all consuming. #
  • An acorn just hit me in the head. I believe I have just discovered gravity OR been attacked by an angry squirrel. #
  • anyone in the point area have a seesaw i could use for a sermon monday night? #
  • why, oh why, were basset hounds breed without a sense of personal space? #
  • @overflowinglove @johnthemember – or the '67 convertible with the 289 – shelby is worthy more but the ragtop is A RAGTOP! favorite car ever! in reply to overflowinglove #

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