running the plover river trail

the point area is surrounded by the green circle trail. the green circle is 30 miles of connected trails and parks that are perfect for walking, running and bike riding in the spring, summer, and late fall and amazing for cross country skiing and snow shoeing in the late fall (if we’re lucky with snow) and winter. the trail winds along the plover, little plover, and wisconsin rivers along with several small lakes.

the past couple of days i have been running along the plover river trail portion of the green circle. it’s great. i run along side the plover river with all the trees changing colors and then it changes into tall pine forests.

today i discovered a small (very small) down side to the plover river trail – the stevens point police department’s shooting range is beside it. it’s safe because the range has been built right but it is still a little freaky hearing a constant string of gunfire coming from the side of the trail. the good news is that the slight fear i felt apparently kicked up some adrenaline in my body and caused me to run faster than normal. my pace for today’s run was significantly faster than my normal pace.

tomorrow i may try to get a bear to chase me during my run and see how much that improves my speed.

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