the shoes finally arrived

the new running socks & shoes
my new running shoes came in from fedex yesterday which is great because i need to put 30 or so miles in on them before running the chicago marathon in them. i also got some new socks for running in. i’ve been developing and rubbing off callouses on the underside of what i believe i would call my ring toe.

this is an issue – yes the callouses but here i’m talking about what to call this toe. seriously do our toes have names? our fingers do. if i say ring finger everyone knows what i’m talking about. this is not true with toes. anyway i would never wear a ring on any of my toes.

so once again i’ve been developing and rubbing off callouses on the underside of what i believe would be called my ring toes. this comes from what i believe would be called my pinky toes nesting underneath the supposedly called ring toes. developing and rubbing off toe callouses during a run is not a good thing. it hurts. so i bought toe socks to counteract this problem. i’ll find out how they work this weekend when i do my last long run (which isn’t really even a very long run because of the fact that i am in the pre-marathon taper). whether they work or not i feel funky fresh wearing toe socks while i run.

that’s right, i said funky fresh.

SIDE NOTE – i’m going duck hunting with andy lickel tomorrow morning. while i’ve been hunting for other things plenty of times, i’ve never been duck hunting before. hopefully i won’t have a cheney moment.

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  1. I hope they work, because, to be honest they look kind of freaky. Maybe it’s because my mind’s saying “He’s a guy, what’s he doing wearing toe socks?”

    Good luck with the duck hunting thing.

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