advent conspiracy redux

i’m excited because i think tapestry has beaten walmart to starting our CHRISTmas advertising – i’m not completely sure because i don’t know if walmart has started placing out CHRISTmas stuff yet but i don’t think they have. two sundays ago we started talking about advent conspiracy for 2009. i told everyone this week that after two weeks mentioning it i would give it a little rest and then bring it up again in november BUT that did not include my blog (because here i get to talk about what ever i want to). so here’s yet another friendly reminder concerning how we are going to try and celebrate the birth of the SAVIOR.

  • give more presents than we did the year before WHILE spending 1/3 less on those gifts – this means making the gifts more relational in their nature (i.e. making them, changing their nature to be something more personal than commercial, etc.)
  • spend half of the 1/3 we saved (i.e. 1/6 of what we would have spent on CHRISTmas before advent conspiracy – thanks casey) on some way of celebrating those we love (i.e throwing a party, incredible food, etc).
  • spend the remain half of the 1/3 we saved on providing clean water for the world.

i haven’t discussed this with anybody at tapestry yet but i think my personal goal for tapestry is that we provide enough money for a well in central america ($5,000). this would be a huge chunk of change for our little community of faith but i think that if the leadership gets behind it we can do it.

so once again let me repeat WE probably BEAT WALMART TO CHRISTMAS!

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