the week in tweets – 2009-10-10

  • i loved having homemade bread for the LORD's supper tonight! thanks adam for making it. #
  • emy j's has just been invaded by many LOUD people – if i said what gender they were i would be stereotyping BUT you can probably guess 🙂 #
  • @bCodySmith – yeah that trick only works a few times until your body rebels against the lie. in reply to bCodySmith #
  • pam is still sick so i'm canceling the packer/viking game get together at the terrell home tonight – sorry. #
  • if @jimbelcher unfollows me to then follow me again (apparently just so i will follow him) i will refuse to read his book (deep church). #
  • @joecausey – that mean. funny, but mean. in reply to joecausey #
  • @thegsides – what's up with your broncos? they keep winning. i wasn't expecting that. #
  • we can't win if we can't block #packers #
  • crap #packers #
  • this is absurd #packers #
  • @SteenAR – yes in reply to SteenAR #
  • – when did my dad join twitter? this username sure sounds like him. #
  • the forecast calls for snow showers in stevens point on monday, october 12th. ahem. i would just like to point out that is a little early. #
  • too wet to paint so i will go back to reading for my seminar. if the house is going to get painted i need an "indian summer" in two weeks. #
  • @thegsides – playing better teams i don't think they would be 4-0 BUT the broncos are obviously better than everyone thought. what about you in reply to thegsides #
  • any ideas on a new album or two that i should place on my ipod for during the chicago marathon? shouldn't be too slow or too fast tempo-wise #
  • -bought two "throw away" jackets for the chicago marathon @ goodwill. now to decide which to be dreby or wrestling #
  • @theboy1der funny i saw this sign saturday "free hotdog today if your name is tony" must be a trend in reply to theboy1der #
  • – I won free trail shoes from Brooks! Yes! #
  • Why do people show up to the marathon expo in full running gear? We can guess you are probably summer just by the fact that you are here. #
  • Apparently the draft texts i was saving for tomorrow went through twitter today. Sorry cant that. I'm not running yet. #

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