the week in tweets – 2009-10-17

  • Mile 5 is past #
  • Mile 10 has been passed #
  • HALFWAY THROUGH! 13.1 miles have been run. #
  • I've completed 20 miles. #
  • @thegsides – again with the broncos? i'm amazed. #
  • i can't believe it is snowing on october 12th. of course, i have been missing the snow recently so i'm not really complaining. #
  • @hubbacm – i went with the wrestling jacket but mainly because it was warmer. thanks for the music ideas. i took them & then didn't ipod it. in reply to hubbacm #
  • @allisonrichmond – thanks. it was fun. in reply to allisonrichmond #
  • @allimill – thanks allison. i loved it. in reply to allimill #
  • @meganckelly – thanks meg. i did πŸ™‚ in reply to meganckelly #
  • @thegsides – when you beat the patriots you should never complain about the unis πŸ™‚ in reply to thegsides #
  • RT @pizzahut We will donate 4 meals 2 World Hunger Relief 4 each person who RTs this: #pizzahut (More: #
  • i've just run across pomplamoose's music and i love it. great music. great voice. #
  • i've just run across @pomplamoose 's music and i love it. great music. great voice. #
  • – a fun halloween surprise in the stevens point public library today. #
  • @jaa22 – of course it is. in reply to jaa22 #
  • @dhaltom7 – actually it's @pamelaaugust that says that … i just agree with her πŸ™‚ in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • i love my city even more when it snows. πŸ™‚ #
  • just register for my next d.min seminar and i'll be in atlanta for it. not sure why but i have never really liked atlanta. pam loves it. #
  • @SteenAR – that video of you dancing was pretty concerning πŸ™‚ #
  • first seminar paper is done. now time to move on to the second of five (thankfully only three are due before the seminar starts). #
  • @dannygilliam – yep that's the one. it's time for that one and the flight to atlanta costs the same as the flight to nola for me. in reply to dannygilliam #
  • mhmmmmm! leftover, homemade baked potato soup on a cold day! life is good! #
  • About to watch "9" with Noah. #
  • just sent some money through western union (don't worry mom it's not a scam) and that has to be one of the biggest pains in the butt ever #
  • @thegsides – agreed in reply to thegsides #
  • what's with all the turn overs #BAMA? #

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