can’t sleep when i need to

in an hour i leave for my latest d.min seminar at nobts (i have a very early flight) and i can’t sleep. therefore i’m sitting at my computer, watching the sportscenter replay, and thinking how much i love tapestry. it’s always cool to have a guest from another local church visit and say “this was a very enjoyable evening because it is really obvious that you guys love each other.” that happened, again, tonight. i love hearing things like that about tapestry. as always i am just honored that i get to be a part of you guys.

as for the d. min seminar i’m looking forward to the course because the reading has been quite good, i’m looking forward to the food because i’ll be eating in new orleans (which is always a good thing) and i’m looking forward to hanging out with josh causey & a few others (josh has been nice enough to give me a place to stay for a few days). i would love to hang out with all the people i love in baton rouge but the seminar doesn’t finish each day till around 9 pm so i don’t really have a lot of time.

on the other hand i am not looking forward to the humidity or heat. it’s sweater weather here in wisconsin and that is the way it should be.

SIDE NOTE – my bag is loaded with cheese!

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