to place clothes on or not

last night i went to the wisconsin dells with pam for a conference that she was speaking at (yes, i am married to an impressive woman). if you have never heard of “the dells” you need to understand that it is the big vacation spot in the mid-west. tons of large resort hotels with indoor (for the winter) and outdoor water parks. anyway, pam was presenting a seminar on assisted living technology with the chair of her department and one of her students. so pam was going to be at the conference and since they provided a hotel for the night i went with her. my only goal was to spend the evening with pam without the boys and then i thought i might run around “the dells” during her conference.

well last night was a fun date. pam left in the morning for her conference and i prepared myself for a winter run. now you need to know my typical winter running attire. actually my tops don’t matter, it is what i wear on my legs that you need to know about. i am a little ashamed to admit this but i have been converted on windy winter days to just wearing running tights on my winter runs. when it isn’t windy or super cold i still just wear shorts – my legs warm up quickly when i start running. unfortunately they don’t warm up at all when it is super cold or especially windy in the winter. i have to wear tights then. at first i wore shorts over my tights. i changed when i realized how much unnecessary laundry i was creating. it was at that point that i decided to just wear the tights. after all it’s a pretty typical thing to see around the point area – you see winter runners in central wisconsin all the time wearing tights and a jacket.

so i was in my tights and windbreaker when pam called and said she needed me to perform tech support on her computer. they couldn’t get the projector and computer working that they were going to use in their lecture (rather ironic that no one in an assistive living conference could operate this technology). well this is part of my duties as the husband. pam regularly says that my job is to open jars, kill bugs, and keep the computers working. so i had to decide – do i run over to the conference in my tights to fix the computer or do i get dress in normal clothes first? it’s one thing to wear running tights for a morning run and only be seen on the street. it is quite another thing to wear tights when you are bending over working on a computer. of course the problem was that pam needed me to fix the problem before they started her seminar. i had to move quickly.

i will leave it to your imagination concerning what i decided to do.

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