a few random things

*the above video is a commercial that i think is quite cool. hd cameras sent into near space via balloon. for the fun of it they videoed a vintage chair the whole time. it makes for some amazing images. wait for the end when the balloon pops.

*i love my wife, which shouldn’t be a surprise. it thrilled me to read some of pamela’s thoughts on tapestry that she posted on her blog. you can read them here. i agree with everything she said except for the part about the preacher. i’m a little sick of hearing him.

*i read a statement today saying that some central african nomads value their freedom so much that they refer to houses as the “graces of the living.” i wonder if our lifestyles don’t function much like graves, trapping us into death.

*like an idiot i decided to go to the standing rock dog park yesterday after having “jumped” my car off. i was convinced that i just needed to drive my car a little while to recharge its battery. boy was i wrong. my battery was completely dead. it was bad enough being stuck 10 miles outside of town but even worse that i forgot the jumper cables and my cell phone.  i couldn’t find anyone at the park who had jumper cables but i was eventually able to borrow a cell phone to call pam. why would i pay for a cell phone and not bring it with me? not one of my brighter moments.

*ROLL TIDE! ROLL! i’m enjoying watching bama’s season from afar.

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