winter running

when it gets as cold as it is right now (3°F at noon) i always struggle with what to wear for running. fleet feet sent out an email today with good suggestions for cold weather running attire. i thought i would share it. you can find more info on fleet feet’s winter gear suggestion page.

General Rules of ‘Numb’

  • Dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer
  • Think layers of technical fabrics to wick sweat
  • Zippers at the neck or gloves you can adjust will help you regulate as you heat up



  • 30 degree weather: 2 tops, 1 bottom. Long sleeve base layer and a vest to keep your core warm. Tights (or shorts) for you polar bears.
  • 10-20 degrees: 2 tops, 2 bottoms. A jacket over your base layer and wind pants over your tights.



  • 0-10 degrees: 3 tops, 2 bottoms. Two tops (fleece for the cold prone) and a jacket. Windbrief for the men.
  • -10 to 0 degrees: 3 tops, 2 bottoms, an extra pair of mittens, 1 scarf or neckwarmer wrapped around mouth or a balaclava.



  • -20 degrees weather: 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 balaclava, sunglasses.

turns out that the above list actually came from runner’s world. fleet feet just republished it. you can find that article here.

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