is this sad?


a long time ago socks would have been some of the worst CHRISTmas gifts i could have received. invariably i always received a few pairs from my parents but i was never excited about them (sorry mom and dad but i was a kid). it really must be a sad statement concerning my age that i was excited about receiving two pair of socks this CHRISTmas (thanks parents and in-laws).

i have truly become old when warm socks bring a smile to my face.

SIDE NOTE – the above socks are x-socks winter run socks. while i haven’t run in them yet and therefore can’t speak to how good they are on a cold winter run, i can say that wearing them around the house they feel amazing. kind of like compression socks. and added benefit is that the are labeled “l” for left and “r” for right so as long as i’m not wearing shoes i will always know what side is my left side.

unfortunately i did not notice the “l” & “r” when i was putting on the socks for this photo 🙂

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  1. Hahahaha! It’s probably not sad if they’re really sweet socks like these =D
    I got some super awesome bamboo socks for Christmas. They’re more comfy than every other sock I’ve tried in every way.

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