a compliment i’m thankful for

fry kong

i’ll explain the above photo in a second – it has nothing to do with what i am about to post.

we regularly have guests at tapestry and i have the privilege of taking many of them out for coffee and conversation. i get to learn about their pasts and presents and find out about what types of experiences they have had with faith and church. today i had the opportunity to grab coffee with one of those guests. while talking with him he stated that he had always felt nervous when he went to a church service but that had not been true for the two times he had come to tapestry. for the first time in his life he was not nervous at a church gathering. that’s a compliment i was proud to receive on behalf of the group.

SIDE NOTE – i was cooking french fries tonight when i ran across this monster of a fry. as you can tell from their looks the basset hounds were rightly impressed.

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