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so last night tapestry met at the terrell home instead of meeting at washinton elementary school. the excuse was the superbowl but the truth is it was more about spending time with each other and loving on each other (case in point we had group of 6-8 that hid out in the “man cave” and played settlers of catan. we try to take JESUS’s statements concerning loving each other seriously.

anyhow i’m posting this to say two things. first, event though i have been a packers fan since middle school i am still thrilled that naw’leans won. who dat! i can’t believe that the aint’s have finally won the big one. i assume that JESUS will return any second now because this is surely one of the signs of the apocalypse.

secondly, i’m not sure how many people we had over last night. the only count i made was around half time and it was 41 at that time but we had people wondering in and out all night. what i know is that by the time everyone had left and i had finished cleaning up i suddenly realized it was hot. i looked at the thermostat and saw the the temp was 71° in the house even though the thermostat was set for 62°. that’s right 45 minutes after everyone was gone and all the extra body temperature had headed out the door the temp in the house was still roasting in a wisconsin winter. i had to open the front and back doors for 30 minutes just to let some of that wonderful 15° wisconsin winter air in to cool the house down enough for me to sleep.

now you may be saying to yourself “robert, that’s well and good that you had a bunch of people over last night but what does that matter for real world circumstances?” i’m glad you asked. it means that a mass of people watching the superbowl is an excellent source of warmth. i’ve recently been rewatching “eververst: beyond the limit” (pamela will tell you that i have a not so secret desire to climb everest, while she has a not so secret desire to keep me alive no matter how well insured i am). watching the series you see many people suffering from dangerous frostbite. if they were only able to surround themselves with 40 superbowl watching, food consuming, chatter producing people they would stay toasty warm. sure it might be hard to climb the hillary step but you would stay warm. in fact, this could be a new standard for rating the warmth of clothing. for example, this coat has the warmth of 20 people watching the superbowl.

anyhow it sure was a great deal of fun and i was very thankful for heidi’s carmel corn and joe’s sushi. mhmmm! pot lucks!

SIDE NOTE – i discussed with drew, heidi, and adam last night the possibility of tapestry every now and then renting washington for an extra hour or two on sundays so that we could pot luck it together. i think pot lucks are one of the true signs of a church 🙂 we may (hopefully) start doing this. we need to eat together and share our favorite foods.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – devon told me last night that i have won him over to the joys of sweater vests. victory!

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