ash wednesday – lent #1

as part of tapestry’s lenten experience (a.k.a. our preparation for easter) i am sending out something by email each day. 40 of those “somethings” will be images from si smith’s excellent comic style illustrations concerning JESUS’ time in the wilderness. it is titled “40.” due to the fact that these are copyrighted images that i have bought for church use i will only be posting a medium sized images (click to see this size). they are amazing. below the images is today’s email.

titleSiSmith40v2big title2v2 01

Hey Guys & Girls,

LENT BEGINS TODAY! Lent is time period before Easter that is used within the CHRISTian tradition as a period of preparation for Easter. It is composed of 40 days (not counting the Sundays of the week). During this year’s Lent I am going to send out something each day as a reminder for all of us to prepare for Easter. Usually this will be one of the images from Si Smith’s excellent comic interpretation of JESUS’ forty days in the desert called "40".

Sunday I suggested that a couple of ways to prepare for Easter would be to fast one meal a week and split the money you would have spent on the food between providing for people in need and gifting your friends. Another suggestion is to read through at least one of the gospels during the 40 days before Easter.

Whatever you choose to do I would HIGHLY encourage you to do something.

Now, let’s begin this journey together.

In HIS Love and Mine,

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