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scott brignac was one of the youth ministry interns at parkview baptist church in baton rouge when i led the youth ministry there. he produces great short films (but ironically rarely ever did such for the youth ministry – yeah, that’s right i’m calling you out scott). right now one of his shorts is among the top fop finalists for a canon competition. his video is great and therefore you should go watch it and then vote for it.

SIDE NOTE – elizabeth & alan thanks for the kind comment you sent pam. i’m not sure why the blog is not allowing you to leave comments but i will look into it. the issue you are having with the blog not allowing you to comment must explain why no one else has been commenting on my blog recently. surely it can’t be because no one is reading it. 😉

SIDE SIDE NOTE – thanks to the generosity of heath erickson (the senior high youth minister at woodlands church) i had the chance to go speak with a bunch of 9th graders about faith. stuff like this makes me miss youth ministry. if any of you paid ministerial type people ever want a speaker/communicator/preacher (or whatever the new term is) from wisconsin who can be had for travel expenses and a bbq sandwich i’m your man. 🙂

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