tenebrae – 4.2.2010


for the second year in a row tapestry will be having a tenebrae worship gathering. here’s how i sum up the tenebrae in the bulletin this week.

The Tenebrae is an ancient CHRISTian worship service that helps worshipers reflect deeply on the sufferings and death of Christ for us and our salvation. "Tenebrae" means "darkness" or "shadow." Tenebrae uses candles, scripture, singing, and darkness to help us prepare for Easter.

basically it is a worship gathering that is composed of 7 candles, a lot of scripture, a few songs, and darkness. it was very moving last year. actually last year’s tenebrae was when people involved in tapestry started being called “threads.”here’s the facebook event page if you want to say you are coming.

the thing i am most excited about this year is that we will be doing it in the garage at emy j’s. those of you who know me understand that i love emy j’s. it’s an important place to me and to tapestry. most of the very important conversations that have been a part of tapestry coming about took place in emy j’s. the uwsp encore room was awesome last year. i think this year could be even better.

btw, i’m looking for people to read scripture during the tenebrae so if you are interested contact me.

SIDE NOTE – i’ve recently realized that i will most likely never again be a part of a church that has an easter pageant and i am thrilled about that. i have some friends that i love who think pageants are the great thing ever. i don’t necessarily think there is anything wrong with pageants. it’s just that they have never been something i enjoyed or felt passionate about. thankfully i can’t really ever see tapestry feeling comfortable with doing a pageant.

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