the week in tweets – 2010-03-28

  • power went out at @sptapestry tonight (a night that was planned around prayer stations) – it made for a GREAT & SILENT worship gathering. #
  • @joshcausey – actually i think GOD's "good game" is usually a very warm feeling on one cheek. in reply to joshcausey #
  • i'm thrilled to say that @sptapestry will be holding our Tenebrae gathering at Emy J's on Good Friday. WooHoo! #
  • my 626 has now been officially totaled by the other guy's insurance company. now we have to figure out what that means. for us and the car. #
  • i am continually amazed by the quality of friends i have been blessed with. you guys and girls make me happy. #
  • @Jake_Rush – i thought josh already was a senior adult đŸ˜‰ in reply to Jake_Rush #
  • @PastorTrike – đŸ™‚ in reply to PastorTrike #
  • @Jake_Rush – does this mean he will start wearing gold chains, slick his hair back, and buy a convertible? in reply to Jake_Rush #
  • "midcent church could invent prgrams faster than women congregants could man them; & busy is, if not good, then at least sedative" P.Tickle #
  • @bradwphoto – that's incredible. in reply to bradwphoto #
  • if you ever hear someone mention integrity auto insurance or granger auto insurance run away as fast as you can! #
  • adam passed his driver's license test. he's doing a great job driving but as a parent i have never been so scared. this is scary. #
  • emy j's has just been invaded by LOUD middle school girls. the YM in me smiles. the guy in me working on two msgs for sunday is leaving đŸ™‚ #
  • anybody in point have an xbox action replay kit i can borrow for converting an xbox to an xbmc media machine. PLEASE!! #
  • anyone have an xbox classic memory card that i could steal for a little while? i need it for converting the xbox to an xbmx media center. #
  • i know some pastors who quote themselves. why would anyone ever do that? #
  • @meganckelly – đŸ™‚ in reply to meganckelly #
  • @TylerTullos – what happened at dunham? in reply to TylerTullos #
  • finished directed study proposal for fall semester. now3 hopefully it will be approved so i get credit for studying moltmann's trinity theo. #
  • @calvinb – i was just thinking that exact same thing! in reply to calvinb #
  • the family and i are about to drive to racine (2 1/2 hours 1way) just to eat at @chick_fil_a! #
  • just back home from 7 hours of driving just to eat at @chick_fil_a for lunch with the family. it was worth it. #

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