i think i’ll go have a conversation now


i just finished reading a quick post from gabe lyons concerning roxxxy the world’s first sex robot and how many of us view community and conversation. first, i’m sadden to think that some people will be so lonely and/or have such a mixed up/fearful view of relationships that a talking sex robot sounds like a good idea to them. secondly, let me quote from what lyons wrote:

let me ask you: when was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with someone? i’m talking about an eye-to-eye, soul-to-soul kind of interaction.

if it hasn’t been recently, i’d understand. consider your competition. over 350 million facebook users refer to their average of 135 digital acquaintances as “friends” and many have come to believe that “community” is something to “log in” and out of, not a bond achieved over years of pain and mutual sacrifice. some of us, if we’re being honest, struggle to relate well with our own husbands or wives, or to carry on deep conversations with friends. could it be possible that we are losing the idea of intimate, connected, authentic and sacrificial relationship to an entire generation?

it’s a quick article and well worth the few minutes it would take you to read it.

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