the current terrell family debate

the current terrell family (minus adam who is not home right now – darn driving teenagers) debate involves above commercial. pam and noah started debating whether the non-whippet dog is a basset hound or some weird cross breed that just looks like a basset. noah, correctly, says the dog is a really cute basset hound while pam, wrongly, believes that it is a divergent basset look-a-like. obviously pam is wrong but the debate lasted a pretty long time. i walked in on the middle of it. i added my two cents worth – basically that noah was right and pam was wrong. you would think that this would solve the debate but it didn’t. we continued to re-watch the commercial and the discussion. since she wasn’t going to give in and see reason pam ended the debate by telling noah “the jerk store call and they are out of you.

nothing ends a terrell debate as good as a random seinfeld reference.

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  1. 1) Just for the record, I am not such a mean mom as to call my son a jerk. We were just joking around and hurling insults.
    2) The dog has the body of a basset, but its legs are too long and his head is slightly misshapen. The dog is the result of a randy encounter between a basset hound and a bloodhound. Case closed.

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