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noah bike riding

  • i’ve been running on the plover river trail portion of the green circle trail for years. it is my favorite part of the green circle trail. until this week i had never ridden my bike on it. that has now changed. noah and i love riding on it because there are a couple of great hills on the trail. it is great living in an area that is full of trails.
  • i haven’t been able to listen to my podcasts recently because i broke my zune by dropping it (not a good thing to do). i’ve since replaced my broken zune with a zune hd and i am beginning to catch up on all the podcasts i’ve been missing. while listening to the may 5th episode of “wait, wait don’t tell me” i was suddenly surprised to hear them mention the stevens point blow dart crime. i was thrilled. for those of you that don’t know about it here’s an article concerning the stevens point woman who was shooting people with blow darts in downtown stevens point because she liked hearing them say “ouch.” i am such a proud citizen.
  • pam and i have signed up for the 12th annual famous racing sausage 5k run. we will get to run with klement’s famous racing sausages or at least get our photo taken with them.
  • i loved this line from tonight’s “30 rock.” they said the world is in chaos because “people wear flip flops to church and the nba tatoo situation is out of control.” apparently tapestry and the boston celtics are part of the downfall of humanity. 🙂
  • tuesday there was a bear sleeping in a tree on hoover road about 1.5 miles away from our house. i drove by where it was and saw about 40 people with cameras on one side of the road and two cops on the other but i wasn’t able to figure out what was going on until i saw the newspaper article yesterday. now pam wants a bear to show up in our backyard.

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