the week in tweets – 2010-06-27

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our water taste better than your water


i just found out that stevens point won the national best of the best water taste test. that’s right stevens point has the best tasting water in the nation for 2010. so there! your water stinks and our water is amazing. here’s the proof.

i hope this doesn’t wound some of you non-pointers to the extent that you no longer feel like you can live in your town. i’m sure your water is at least bearable.

the week in tweets – 2010-06-20

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well crud!


i’ve been training for grandma’s marathon in duluth, mn for about 4 months. i was pretty excited about it because i have been consistently running personal best times with each of the last 4 races i have run. i was convinced that i was going to break 4:30:00 for this marathon. this is not fast but it is better for me. for the first time i really trained for a marathon rather than just a half marathon. unfortunately auto trouble has killed my excitement.

i was driving from point to duluth tonight to pick up my race packet for the race spooner tomorrow. i stopped for fuel just outside the thriving metropolis of spooner, wisconsin (population 2,653 – SALUTE!). up until this point everything had been running fine. my car had not indicated any trouble. the problem occurred when i tried to start the car back up. nothing happened. well that’s not actually correct. all the power came on which indicated that the battery has plenty of juice. but the starter didn’t even budge. no sound, no rotation, nothing. so it is either starter trouble or ignition trouble (i’m guessing ignition because the wheel suddenly doesn’t lock). all i know is that the tow truck operator says there is no one in town who works on mazdas and he can’t take me to a town large enough to have a mechanic that does work on mazdas until later tonight.

so i am now sitting in the schmidt’s economart deli waiting for 8 p.m. when the tow truck driver will take me to chippewa falls which is a little closer to home. the good news is that schmidt’s has wifi in addition to its greasy food and thankfully perry and andrea polnaszek are going to put me up for the night. i’ll make plans for tomorrow.

i am very thankful for my friends in chippewa falls but my feelings about the general situation are ARGH!!!!!

SIDE NOTE – if there is anyone in duluth who would like my bib number contact me and i will gladly give it to you so you can go all bandit on the race.



i just got through talking with a good friend of mine who love nicaragua – in fact jim wallace is the one who introduced me to the baltodanos and first fostered my love for diriamba. it is now possible for us to help build houses for some of the people that we have been building relationships within the kilumbo area of diriamaba. i’m pretty pumped because tapestry can provide a good, safe house for an family in kilumbo for around $1,800. we’re a small church without a lot of resources but i think we could swing several of those with constant giving. the best part is that like habitat for humanity we will work along side the family that would be living in the house. anyone interested?

SIDE NOTE – please bring a tea cup to tapestry this sunday night (june 20, 2010). if you don’t have a tea cup that’s cool … bring a coffee cup that you can use as a tea cup. if you don’t have a coffee cup then you probably need to seriously consider the priorities in your life 🙂 don’t worry you can use one of the tapestry coffee cups.

office hours

i spent a little bit of time with a new pastor today. he has come into a church where the old pastor had been there for 25 years and the taken A LOT of vacation over his last 3-4 years. apparently the church members felt like they could never find their minister because when he wasn’t on vacation he wasn’t anywhere near the church office either. the church’s response was to get this young minister to sign a contract of what is expected of him. i think this is a good idea. i like knowing what people expect of me and i like them knowing what i expect in return. part of his contract is that he will spend a certain amount of time in the church office and those hours will be published for the church members to see.

this is where the problem arises. this church needs new members. these new members are either going to come because of the old members inviting people or the new pastor meeting new people and inviting them. since this pastor is new in town he is going to find it hard to meet anyone outside the church when he is required to be in the office. now i understand that it is important for people to know how they can reach the pastor but i’m not sure the answer is sticking the pastor away in an office alone. i’m real thankful that people in tapestry consider my “office” to be emy j’s coffee house. i would rather be in the public than in a closed off room.

csa supper

IMG_2068 IMG_2071

as many of you know pam is presently in brazil leading a study abroad course. this means i am briefly playing the single parent role (5 mores days and then she’s back). a part of this is cooking all of our meals. pam is the more creative cook of the two of us. she joined a a csa this year (community supported agriculture) and she has been making incredible things with the products that we have gotten each week. last thursday she picked up another batch of of fresh produce and she was very concerned that i use the vegetables that we had picked up. i’ve made some salads with the produce but tonight i used the beans, green onions, and basil that we received to make supper. it’s not really as good as the stuff that pam makes but it was decently tasty and filling.

tonight’s menu was grilled green onion and basil pork chops, green beans (the csa lists them with some specific name but i don’t remember it), steamed broccoli (not from the csa), and pudding (obviously not from the csa either).


the week in tweets – 2010-06-13

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