noise, noise everywhere – so a few random thoughts


up until a moment ago i was sitting in emy j’s answering a few church related emails and working on my message for sunday night’s worship gathering. that all changed a few moments ago when around forty 1st and 2nd graders walked in for ice cream. the teachers are trying desperately to keep them quite but they are all excited about ice cream and the end of school. who can blame the. so i’ve decided to stop working on anything serious and enjoy the chaos that is happening around me.

here are a few random things that i can type while kids are shouting “i want that because it looks delicious!”

  • thanks to adam and heidi holte i am probably going to try a duathlon in august. it’s the run, bike, unite duathlon of the portage county united way. i think adam and heidi are going to do it too (since they were the ones who told me about it. anybody have any helpful hints on running a spring duathlon? it’s a 2 mile run/ 13 mile bike/ 2 mile run.
  • my friend debbie haltom tweeted this earlier today. she’s right. ever guys should read this post.
  • in 2009 i recorded 159 miles on my bike – which ain’t much at all. thus far in may i have recorded 127. that’s what happens when you try to bike to “the office” at least twice a week.
  • i love the fact that i see threads randomly around town now and get to spend a few moments with them when i see them. it’s 1:23 right now and i’ve seen and talked with three different threads thus far.
  • last night i received a cool email from a former student ministry teen. i am always honored that many of them write and tell me of huge encounters with GOD that they have had and are continuing to have.
  • this is a very interesting article on scott mcknight’s blog concerning whether or not free will is in opposition to science.
  • there are four of us who have added input into this sunday’s message at tapestry. obviously i would prefer more BUT 3 other people beside me is a good start for something that no one in our group has ever done before. if you would like to contribute here’s the link.
  • a little more just shouted “HE’S GETTING MORE!” within 6 inches of my right ear. i guess it is probably not very pastoral of me to thump him in the nose.

i’m heading to the library now. i can only handle so much fun. 😉

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