trying to be a good neighbor


pam and i love our neighbors. we have great neighbors that we really love spending time with. therefore, we thought it would be a fun to have our whole block over to the house for memorial day. thanks to my baton rouge friends giving me a jambalaya pot when i left louisiana i made jambalaya and pam asked everyone else to bring what ever that would like. it was kind of the best of both worlds – a set meal and a potluck at the same time. with the addition of s few tapestry friends we ended up having 33 people over to the terrell house. it was a wonderful time and everyone agreed that we need to do this again. pam and i are thinking of making this an annual tradition.

JESUS said that we should love our neighbors. i think part of this teaching means that the people who are a part of the bride of CHRIST (i.e. the church) should be great neighbors. i wonder how many churches would be described as good neighbors?

memorial day is about remembering those who have died for america’s freedom. the danger is that if we forget the cost of our freedom we will neglect it. forgetting is a very dangerous thing. i think the same thing is even more true with the CHRISTian faith. to forget is the most dangerous thing to our faith. when we focus on ourselves and don’t know, let alone love, our neighbors we are probably showing that we have forgotten what JESUS taught.

i hope memorial day was a day of remembering for all of us.

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