the week in tweets – 2010-06-06

  • I love going to sleep while it is storming. #
  • using my jambalaya pot make me thankful for friends like @jesslawrence1, @meganckelly , and @joshcausey. today my neighbors are thankful too #
  • religion is the affair of the godless man – karl barth #
  • @theboy1der – i will begin now. i hope things improve. in reply to theboy1der #
  • "it is not me that has been exposed, but you, for i have seen the nipple on your soul!" #
  • anybody have a summer camp & need a preacher? i just got the estimate on repairing the "swagger" van's a/c – $2,100. i could use some work. #
  • why do people like to eat rhubarb? it just doesn't make sense! #
  • anybody have an old computer they want to get rid of? i want to make a home theater pc with xbmc but i don't want to spend any money. 🙂 #
  • @allimill – either works in reply to allimill #
  • @dhaltom7 – sure – how much sugar did you have to add to make it bearable? in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • I think I have somehow landed in some type of dark comedy road trip movie. #
  • @Keannan5390 – old is acceptable. it will be a linux machine. in reply to Keannan5390 #
  • anybody associated with @sptapestry possibly able to go to washington and pick up one of our projectors. i need it for the member mtg #
  • @pagitt – you guys were selling babies? i don't really expect a church to do that 😉 in reply to pagitt #
  • anybody involved in @sptapestry interested in doing a "financial peace university" group during the fall? #
  • i love living in the upper midwest but i do wish people would buy diet coke for meetings instead of diet pepsi. darn yankees 🙂 #
  • Meeting is better now. Diet Coke found! #
  • I'm reading "After Our Likeness" by Miroslav Volf. 1st time I have read Volf. He's interesting thus far. #
  • thanks to @woot i'm now has running tv on my computer! *ati tv wonder install √ *ability to watch "the office" on tbs √ *happy robert √ #

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