since the glazes have been gone to alaska for the summer and jodi, joel, and brad have ben graciously filling in for the leadership of tapestry’s music each sunday night i have often been playing percussion. i’m an adequate djembe player with dreams of actually being funky. those of you who were a part of the parkview student ministry will remember that i would often pretend that i was a good drummer when our normal percussionist were missing. i’ve found myself enjoying filling in on the djembe this summer and i have now convinced myself i can move on to a new instrument, the cajon. it’s a wooden box with guitar strings on the inside. it produces an enormous amount of bass. i desperately want to play one of these things well. even though i probably won’t ever be able to play it well doesn’t mean that i’m not going to try. how hard can it be to play a wooden box?

after i learn how to play the wooden box (a.k.a. cajon) i’m moving on to a mandolin 🙂

the week in tweets – 2010-07-25

  • upgraded and now can't drag images into @TweetDeck. what's up with that?!?!?!?! #
  • don't see this everyday – guy removed his corvette's spare tire so he could load the compartment with beer & i #
  • jb-weld/jb-kiwk may right up there with duct tape for its super fixit-ness. #
  • in 4 hours i will know if jb-weld fixed my spartus full-vue & enable me to have more toy camera medium format fun. hold tight little epoxy! #
  • @@t_alan_lusk – that's fun! #
  • about the TRINITY & about knowing GOD, the only thing we really have 2 see is what true love is; well in fact, simply what love is-augustine #
  • the problem with good theology is that it makes me question whether i am ministering theologically or not. moltmann is doing that to me now. #
  • RT @CSLewis_: Why love if losing hurts so much? We love to know that we are not alone. – C. S. Lewis – quote for my next paper. i <3 clive #
  • "theology … does not merely aim to understand the world differently, it aims to transform it." moltmann – TRINITY and the kingdom. #
  • lookie, lookie, what my brother just sent to me! a '70-'73 minolta srt-101. what a great brother he is. #
  • lookie, lookie, what my brother just sent to me. a '70-'73 minolta srt-101. now to take some pictures. #
  • @SteenAR – yeah it is. now i have to see how the photos turn out. in reply to SteenAR #
  • some may ask if your giant taco salad is healthy … of course it is! it's a salad isn't it?!?!?! #
  • i don't believe in hypothetical situations. they are like lying to your brain. #
  • wow I really am craving a bucket of beets today! #
  • the problem with following @CSLewis_ is that i pretty much want to RT every quote from clive that he tweets. #
  • @mike_shipp – yeah i was amazed when i got my hybird how big a difference the extra tire width made. in reply to mike_shipp #

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the family and i went to see “inception” last night and all i can say is “WOW!” i mean really, WOW! all four of us loved it, which is a big deal because it means that pam loved it. this is not the type of move pam normally likes for you see pam doesn’t like sci-fi movies. i don’t think she considers “inception” as a sci-fi movie but it is. anytime you make a movie about jumping into people’s dreams you are in the land of sci-fi movies.

anyhow, i loved this movie. i especially loved the fact that not everything was answered with the end of the movie. i won’t go any further because i do not desire to spoil the plot for anyone else. just know that it was really good.

thanks bro


the above wonderful minolta srt-101 is what i just received from my brother. yep that’s the kind of sibling he is – the kind that will send you a free vintage 35mm camera when you put the word out that you are looking for one. its weird because i always remember ken being a selfish little pain in the butt. some how he changed as he matured 🙂

actually he’s a pretty good guy. he would have to be since adam and noah’s nickname for him when he was a toddler was “uncle hero dude.”

now i need to figure out how to use this thing.

mike made my day

mike penza (along with his wife kaylyn) is one of the people who GOD used to start tapestry. he is now a student at gordon-cromwell seminary in boston. today he pasted a blog post on my facebook profile that he said reminded him of tapestry. here’s part of the post:

As I sat here, drinking coffee and thinking about my life and ministry it dawned on me that there are more reasons for coming to Panera than just food. Yes, they have good coffee and breads and desserts that aren’t that good for the waist line but it hit me that there’s more to it than these.

In fact, I think the food is just icing on the cake. Deep down and not so deep down, people love community and the blessing they get from contact with another individual, especially friends that share a common interest in life.

it is a really good post concerning the community that the author is experiencing at panera bread and the “what if’s” that arise when a church opens itself up to strong webs of relationship with no focus on a building.

i was thrilled and honored that mike immediately thought of tapestry when he read the post. he would know from personal experience if it is true of tapestry or not. i was also pretty pumped that i was at emy j’s drinking coffee – it’s much better than panera.

man on wire


noah and i are presently watching “man on wire” concerning philippe petit‘s tightrope walk between the twin towers of the world trade center. it was an amazing feat and the documentary is excellent. i’ve seen it before and i am equally entertained and amazed by it this second time.

the thing that i am struck by this time is the collaborative nature of one man walking across a wire between the two towers. while philippe was the one that received all the credit and glory for the task there is no way that he could have accomplished the walk without a large number of people helping him. petit was taking the largest risk (he was the one facing the largest chance of death) but everyone involved was placing themselves in harm’s way in order for petit to accomplish his goal.

i believe that the majority of the things we believe we have done on our own have in fact been done with lots of people helping us.

best laid plans of mice and me

i posted awhile back about working a directed study concerning moltmann’s theology of the TRINITY as a part of my d.min program. well it kind of back fired on me. since the dean of the d.min program was on vacation at the time i was having trouble getting in touch with him for the purpose of getting my directed study approved . his signature would be the last step necessary to make the directed study happen. i therefore emailed him saying that since it didn’t look  like i would be able to get everything approved for this trimester i want to see about having it approved for the next. i then went ahead and registered for another seminar (family counseling) for this trimester. unfortunately for my dr. ogea is a really nice guy and fast tracked everything during his vacation. he was able to get me registered for the directed study. now instead of my normal one doctoral level seminar i am now taking two. should make for a busy summer. woohoo!

here’s the syllabus for my directed study and the works that i will now begin studying.

the week in tweets – 2010-07-18

  • RT @BPGlobalPR: Here's the truth: we got food poisoning from shrimp one time and said, "Let's make sure that never happens again." #bpcares #
  • @edstetzer – excellent discussion today on the exchange. in reply to edstetzer #
  • i seriously just saw a teen walking into a glass window thinking it was an open door! YES! #
  • @sjone65 – no BUT IT IS SAD that you WATCHED the hills finale or any episode of the hills for that matter. in reply to sjone65 #
  • @Keannan5390 – that scares me a little in reply to Keannan5390 #
  • @jesslawrence1 – AWESOME! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! i am now randomly smiling in a coffee shop because i am very happy for you guys. in reply to jesslawrence1 #
  • i tend to stop listening to someone once they refer to someone who disagrees with them as a nazi or communist … unless of course they are. #
  • @dhaltom7 – i tend not to have long conversations at 4am or if i do i don't remember them 🙂 in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • @sjone65 – this is a sign that you shouldn't be watching such drivel – said by a guy who secretly watches the housewives of new jersey in reply to sjone65 #
  • anybody have any old (the older the better) 35mm camera(s) they would like to give to me? i just found some old 35mm film that i want to use #
  • what words/phrases make up the new insider "church language" . for example saying "unpack this" during a sermon or "visioning." others? #
  • RT @DiscoveryHouse: The human heart is a factory of idols. Every one of us, from his mother’s womb is an expert in inventing idols. ~Calvin #
  • @DiscoveryHouse – you're welcome. it was an excellent quote. in reply to DiscoveryHouse #
  • does anyone in the point area have a large FREAKY looking puppet or doll that i could use sunday night for @sptapestry ? PLEASE! #
  • adam just got $50 from our bank for using direct deposit. gotta like that. #

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i write like …

thanks to neatorama i found this link that compares your writing style to various famous authors. i’m sure it is about as accurate as i am at picking the ncaa basketball tournament winner each year (i always come in second in my tournament bracket pool while never having the final two teams right) but i still thought it might be worth a try. in order to be accurate i posted multiple entries from my blog into the analyzation page and it consistently said i write similar to two writers. they are:

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

and …

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

this is great because i like both of them though they both sometimes write things that i am not comfortable with. there have been a few times where i have reached the point in some of their works where i choose not to finish a book because i was pretty disturbed by the material (“haunted” by palahniuk is one of the book i just stopped). yet i am still drawn right back to additional works. in fact, i absolutely love the book “fight club.”

so if these test are accurate i probably offend some of your guys pretty regularly, maybe even scare you, but you still find yourself coming back for more. i can live with that.

the week in tweets – 2010-07-11

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