csa supper

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as many of you know pam is presently in brazil leading a study abroad course. this means i am briefly playing the single parent role (5 mores days and then she’s back). a part of this is cooking all of our meals. pam is the more creative cook of the two of us. she joined a a csa this year (community supported agriculture) and she has been making incredible things with the products that we have gotten each week. last thursday she picked up another batch of of fresh produce and she was very concerned that i use the vegetables that we had picked up. i’ve made some salads with the produce but tonight i used the beans, green onions, and basil that we received to make supper. it’s not really as good as the stuff that pam makes but it was decently tasty and filling.

tonight’s menu was grilled green onion and basil pork chops, green beans (the csa lists them with some specific name but i don’t remember it), steamed broccoli (not from the csa), and pudding (obviously not from the csa either).


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