i just got through talking with a good friend of mine who love nicaragua – in fact jim wallace is the one who introduced me to the baltodanos and first fostered my love for diriamba. it is now possible for us to help build houses for some of the people that we have been building relationships within the kilumbo area of diriamaba. i’m pretty pumped because tapestry can provide a good, safe house for an family in kilumbo for around $1,800. we’re a small church without a lot of resources but i think we could swing several of those with constant giving. the best part is that like habitat for humanity we will work along side the family that would be living in the house. anyone interested?

SIDE NOTE – please bring a tea cup to tapestry this sunday night (june 20, 2010). if you don’t have a tea cup that’s cool … bring a coffee cup that you can use as a tea cup. if you don’t have a coffee cup then you probably need to seriously consider the priorities in your life 🙂 don’t worry you can use one of the tapestry coffee cups.

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