the week in tweets – 2010-08-01

  • RT @CSLewis_: "If we only have the will to walk, then God is pleased with our stumbles." – C. S. Lewis #
  • CHRISTian faith in GOD w/o hope 4 the future of the world has called forth a secular hope 4 the future of the world w/o faith n GOD-Moltmann #
  • i borrowed a film strip titled "tommie visits church" and a projector to use at @sptapestry for an upcoming message. how awesome is that? #
  • @joshcausey – i saw this deal on shamwow packs and thought you would like to know about it 🙂 #
  • i am working on a "business style" resume rather than "ministry style" resume for the first time in 18 years. do i remember how to make one? #
  • @jwilmore you're always bad 🙂 in reply to jwilmore #
  • @jwilmore – actually i was talking about your smell 🙂 in reply to jwilmore #
  • i once again have a blank passport. i don't really like having a blank passport. #
  • I am not used to my 16 year old son intoducing be to music I actually like – this is as brave new world! #
  • james 3:1-2 ( in mind, what is the core difference between a teacher & a non-teacher w/n the church? everyone teaches #
  • i can't study at emy j's because of the VERY LOUD 3 year old boy at the next table BUT i sure am SMILING LARGE because of him so it's ok. #
  • it is not the profession that does honor to the person but the person to his/her profession – james adamson #
  • i'm not an anti-dentite! #
  • it has a canon label on it but i still really want this camera lens coffee mug. #
  • i tried to run 14 miles this morning but was overcome by the MOSQUITOES on the plover river trail and gave up at mile 10. #
  • FINALLY my salsa has some jalapenos with some kick to them (i prefer serranos) and my salsa is spicy! my tongue is on fire and life is good. #

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