sunday the 15th & 22nd

for reasons of being in nicaragua and florida i will not be preaching on at tapestry sunday the 15th or 22nd.i’ll miss you guys. the good news is that we have one of our own preaching on the 15th and a friend of many threads preaching on the 22nd. here’s who will be preaching:

  • our own john metallo will be preaching on sunday the 15th. john is a biblical studies major at maranatha bible college and senses that GOD might be calling him into some form of ministry as a pastor.
  • our friend trey turner will be preaching on sunday the 22nd. trey is founder of a network that helps CHRISTians and churches to start simple churches/house churches. many threads know and love the turners. 

i have a request for these two weeks but let me explain first. most churches have a tendency to drop in attendance when the lead pastor isn’t there for a given sunday. most people seem to think that they aren’t really sure what is going to happen so they figure it is a good sunday to miss. of course we try not to do things like most other churches.

so here’s my request. PLEASE MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO JOIN EVERYONE ON THOSE SUNDAY EVENINGS. at the very least do everything you can to be at washington elementary school on the 15th. a good number of us threads will be in nicaragua on the 15th. it is easier to talk with a group that is excited about being there and full of energy. instead of john preaching with a crowd that is low and missing a few people let’s show our youngin’ how much we support him by making this the highest attendance of the summer. it will be real cool to do the same for trey but he’s like me and has been around for awhile so it’s not as imperative.

because of the nature of how we do faith in CHRIST at tapestry you have never heard me say “it’s really important for you to be a church this sunday.” showing up on these two sundays is a different story because showing up shows love and solidarity for john and trey. this is about loving others and therefore loving GOD, thus i am saying “IT’s REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU BE IN CHURCH ON THESE TWO SUNDAYS.” please blow john and trey away.

you can skip when i am there. 😉

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