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i haven’t posted anything yet concerning tapestry’s trip to work with the baltodanos in diriamba, nicaragua. as usual there are many positive things i could write about. the baltodanos are truly working with GOD to do some incredible things. it is an honor to get to be a part of what GOD is doing there.

while there were many amazing things from the week that i would love to talk about the above two photos represent one the most amazing things every. many of you guys know about tapestry being able to hook the people of kilumbo up with water in 2008. the photo on the left was from the water they were drinking before they were connected with clean water. while listening to some of the parents of kilumbo talk about their dreams for their kids pam learned that one of the dreams they had was for clean water that would not cause diarrhea. kids were getting sick all the time from the filthy were getting sick all the time from the filthy water. this was a problem we could quickly help with.

now that they have clean water they kids have found a new use for the old dirty make-shift cistern. the kids in the neighborhood of kilumbo have converted the cistern into a swimming hole. the photo on the right is one of the kids showing off for us by jumping from a tree into the water. it was an amazing moment to see these kids turn something that had been a symptom of their poverty into a joyous celebration of overcoming the filthy water they had previously had. it still gives me chills to think about it.

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