the superbowl

most people who know me know that i pulled for the alabama crimson tide in college football (the preferred sport of choice) and the green bay packers in the nfl (the only team whose ownership i respect enough to want to see do well). i care about football and enjoy watching games but i don’t base my life on it. being raised in alabama i’ve seen people who care way too much about sporting events. still i really enjoy watching football and i certainly care about my teams winning.

so last night when the packers won the nfc championship game i was pretty pumped. i was only able to watch the first half of the game because i needed to leave home during the second half to setup for the normal sunday night tapestry gathering. while setting up adam, joel, and i listened to the game on the radio. listening to a football game is a wonderful experience. in some ways i prefer it to watching a game on the television. radio announcers really get into the game and its ok for them to be biased. t.v. announcers can’t pull for a specific team but radio announcers are blatant about the teams they want to win. it was amazing when we heard the radio play-by-play guy shout out that shields had made the game ending interception. joel and i screamed so loud that a washington school teacher who was down the hall heard us and came over to say we could watch the rest of the game with her. i think she felt sorry for us.

february 6th we will have the third annual tapestry superbowl gathering at our house. it has been a ton of fun the last two years watching the game with all of our friends from tapestry. it is going to be so much better this year.


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