wrong car

last week adam and i were out at night because he needed to grab a text book from his school. we stopped at spash (stevens point area senior high) and i waited in the car while he ran inside to get his book. spash is a pretty busy high school and there is always something going on at night. so the building was full of people and the front entrance had a large number of teens standing around waiting for parents to pick them up. from the crowd of waiting adolescents i noticed a young man and girl walking away from the front entrance. he was obviously walking his young lady friend out to the car that was picking her up. don’t ask me how this was obvious to me, it just was. there was something in his manner that seemed to indicate that he was walking her out just to say buy, open the car door for her, and then close it behind her. it’s always nice to see a young man being a gentleman.

i thought it was cute so i watched him them. i continued watching them as they walked straight at adam’s car (which i was sitting in). i thought to myself “i bet they think this is her parents’ car.” i kept thinking this as they continued to walk straight to the car and then opened the passenger side door. that’s when i started laughing and shouted out “i think you have the wrong car.” apparently the girl’s dad has a great sense of humor too because i heard her say “funny dad” right before she looked in and started to scream.

the guy was real embarrassed and apologized before quickly walking away with the girl who had her head in her hands. i just laughed real hard. there is nothing quite as much fun as embarrassing a teen without even having to try.

SIDE NOTE – pam and noah have developed a guilty pleasure of watching ”toddlers and tiaras” which shows some of the culture of child “beauty” pageants. i watched an episode with pam tonight and i have to say that i just don’t get it. i don’t understand how these parents can think these activities are a good thing. i’m sure the show edits some normal stuff out but most of it just seems nuts to me and some seems to cross into the realm of exploitation.

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  1. haha funny story indeed! gotta love it when it is someone else who makes the wrong car choice and not yourself 🙂 tho, either way, you'd end up laughing about it later on

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