ahhhh! my phone wallpapers

Alabama Crimson Tide Alternate Logo Wood iPhone 4 BackgroundGreen Bay Packers Wood iPhone 4 BackgroundBoston Celtics Wood iPhone 4 Background

up until last month our cell phone service have been through alltel. we are no longer with alltel but it is through no choice of our own. instead, alltel sold their central wisconsin contracts to a new regional company, element mobile. the transition has not been easy. i’ve spent about 3 1/2 hours in one of their stores trying to get our old alltel phones to work on element mobile’s system. it never worked and so element mobile finally gave us new phones. it has been a royal headache. our contract ends in august and i’ll be reconsidering who we do business with then.

anyhow, my new phone is the samsung messager and which has a touch screen. i’m a cheap cell phone guy so this is step up for me on phones. this is the first touch screen phone i’ve had. i’m pretty pumped about the fact that i have three desktops on it that can have a different wallpaper on each one. a big thanks to kris legg for posting these wonderful phone wallpapers. i love it when talented people share their gifts with others.

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