i wish he was wrong

a couple of days ago my youngest son noah corrected me. i hate it when he does that, especially when he is right about it.

saturday the entire family was tired from the full day of traveling that we had gone through the day before. pam, noah, and i had spent the week with jim and jill, pam’s brother and sister-n-law, in orlando where the weather is warm and the manatees roam. they are great people to be around so the week was great. best of all like us they had no desire to go to anything disney related so we were able to avoid all things mouse-eared without family guilt. while we were avoid the rodent owner of central florida adam was on a band trip in new orleans and made it back home the day before we did. needless to say we were all a little frayed.

of course, traveling is always tiring, at least for me. so saturday at home was a recoup day. i thought it would be a great idea to recoup by eating lunch. it is something i like to do on days when i need energy – i.e. most days. since i was tired i wasn’t paying as much attention to my manners as i should have been and i was apparently eating the potatoes chips that were a part of my sandwich lunch with my mouth open. i only know that this was happening because noah asked politely if i would close my mouth when i ate my chips because the noise from my chewing was shaking his brain.

just so you know, i don’t normally eat things with my mouth open. i developed a deep fear of making noise when i eat because my dad hated the sound of celery being chomped. i know this because as a kid i loved eating celery while watching t.v. i often experienced the result of my dad’s irrational fear of celery (i think it involve some experience in vietnam, which doesn’t really answer anything because my dad was never in vietnam). whatever the reason the the noise of crunching celery caused him to have non-violent, though slightly loud flashbacks. i therefore trained my self to eat quietly.

so when noah pointed out my failure i wanted to blow up. i mean really! i think half the time when this kid eats he purposefully keeps his mouth open in hopes of leaving a dorito crumb trail along his path so that he can follow it home should he get lost. i can’t fathom how many times i have begged him to close his mouth. how dare he correct me.

of course, the problem was that he was right. i was chewing with my mouth wide open and it was noisy and disgusting. i was tired and not thinking about what i was doing.

the problem with him being right is that it completely destroyed my righteous anger. its not righteous when the smartalec punk turns out to be right instead of just being a pain. grrrh!

since i couldn’t be mad at him for being rude i just told him to go upstairs and clean his room. that made me feel a little better. 😉

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  1. i recognize the irony on correcting my dad in the comments of a post complaining about being corrected by my son but i'm going to do it anyhow. YOU'RE WRONG DAD! i have copies of emails where i have said just those words and i know i have done phones calls doing the same thing (though unlike nixon i don't record all my phone calls – perhaps i should start).

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