drives me nuts

it drives me nuts when someone says “they don’t have time” for something that they really want to do. i’m not talking about someone saying it during certain busy periods of time … we all have periods where life is busier than normal. those are usually the exceptions rather than the rule.

here’s an example of what drives me nuts. i love to read, both fiction and non-fiction. as a pastor i believe that reading fiction is incredibly important for me. why? well because fiction helps me to see the questions and values that are a part of our culture (while i don’t agree with much that paul tillich discussed i do thing his method of correlation has some great value). it is pretty often when talking with other pastors, especially when i am at nobts,while discussing a work of fiction that i am reading that someone responds with the phrase “i wish i had time to read fiction but i am too busy.” i hear it with other things too. i wish i had time to run, or i wish i had time to fish, or any number of other things.

it drives me nuts!

why? well because they have the same amount of time that i have. in fact, we all have the same amount of time.

the difference is that reading fiction, running, photography, fishing, etc is important to me and therefore i make time for them. when something is important to you you make time for it.

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  1. Seriously.
    It’s like they’re saying, “You waste your time doing stuff that’s not as important as the stuff I do. What I do is really important. Like, really.”

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