ending question

so the ending question for my 30 days of question is

what happened to all my posts during the month of october?

i have no idea what happened. i posted questions and then a few additional posts throughout the month but for some reason they aren’t there. i wouldn’t have even noticed this if it hadn’t of been for a comment from my dad asking me where the reminding questions are. sorry dad. i have no answer for this.

maybe m posts are saved as drafts on my desktop computer. i use windows live writer to post on my blog and maybe i was accidentally saving my posts as drafts rather than live posts. if so then they would still be on my desktop. unfortunately i can’t find this out right now because the cpu fan on my desktop died earlier today and thus my desktop overheats every time i turn it on. this will be easy to fix once i am able to find a 70mm fan. this should be easy but neither best buy nor radio shack have a 70mm fans in their stock. even worse the salesperson at radio shack didn’t even know what a cpu heat sink was. –1 for radio shack. so i ordered one from amazon tonight and it will be here by thursday. i’ll check my desktop then to see if i was accidentally saving my posts as drafts.

if my previous posts were saved as drafts on my desktop then i’ll upload them on the dates they should have been posted.

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  1. ha. i hadn’t thought of that. it does kind of sound like a “dog ate my homework thing”. what i’m actually hoping is that this is an “i’m an idiot” type of thing. windows live writer had an update and the publish button is different now. otherwise i don’t know what happened.

    on a side note any idea why my computer would have killed its second cpu fan in 6 months?

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