reason #25,137 that i love tapestry

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just in case you don’t realize this, i get to lead the coolest church on the face of the planet. i don’t mean that we are cool in the “hey look at us we’re cool cause we wear v-neck t shirts and scarves” sort of way. nope what i mean is that the threads of tapestry are simply amazing people. the two photos above are one more example of how amazing the people of tapestry are.

a few weeks ago pete (one of the members of the leadership team) thought we should do a gift exchange. he asked me what i thought. i am usually not a big fan of gift exchanges because i think they usually lead to a bunch of meaningless crap. pete’s idea was different and i really liked it. his idea was that in the spirit of advent conspiracy the gifts should cost basically nothing. whoever signed up for the gift exchange would be given a name and their goal would be to find out as much as possible about that person and then find or make a gift for next to no expense that would connect to that person. like i said before i am not usually a fan of gift exchanges but i definitely am a fan of us giving of ourselves and that’s exactly what pete’s idea sounded like to me.

tonight most of the gifts were exchanged. i was amazed at the creativity, caring, and research that went into the gifts. kate gave pam a journal that details the rules of our family car game (pam explains the car game here). what a great gift. the photos above are of the gift that kayleigh gave me. it is a journal that she made. yeah that’s right SHE MADE THE ABOVE JOURNAL. the outside cover is from a t-shirt from a service project that we worked on together and the inside has micah 6:8 on it (a verse of scripture that i love and one that she remembered me using in a sermon a few weeks ago). i love to journal and what better journal than one made by a thread?

i saw other amazing gifts that spoke of presence, time, creativity, and love. from bacon roses (mhmm … bacon) to spice rubs to afghans to mix-cd’s to scarves. all amazing gifts that cost lots of time and energy but very little money.

i don’t mean to brag but i get to lead the most amazing church around.

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