most creative show on tv


just in case you don’t know this, in my opinion “community” is the most creative show on television right now. i love the show because they are always trying something different. the only thing that is predictable about “community” is that they are going to try something different each week. i love the imagination they use in making the show.

shouldn’t church be this creative? shouldn’t church be a group of people who are so secure in our worth because of what GOD has said about us that we aren’t afraid to imagine and take HUGE risks?

the small group that i am a part of each wednesday night is presently going through mark buchanan’s great book “your GOD is to safe." i love this book. we’ve recently gone through his chapter dealing with imagination in faith. in that chapter he states the following:

imagination is anemic today, and nowhere is this more evident than in most of our churches

unfortunately i think buchanan is correct here. a lot of CHRISTian churches don’t involve imagination in the way they do church gatherings or live out their faith. i think this is because change/imagination involves risk and most of us don’t like risk. we would rather do things that merely look creative. instead of actually “creating” anything new and thereby following in the shoes of our creator GOD we stay with the safe, predictable, and boring.

right now i feel like we at tapestry use a great deal of imagination in how we live our faith. my hope is that we continue to do so.

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