one of the things i love about being nomadic

one of the things i love about being a part of a nomadic church (i.e. a church that does not possess a building) is answering the question that invariably occurs whenever i am with a group of pastors and we have a “round robin” introduction. when i say i am a part of tapestry someone usually says “now where are you guys?” of course, i know that what they mean is “where is your church building,” but i still enjoy saying “well i guess right now we are here and 40-50 other spots across town.”

after they look at me confused i tell them that we gather at washington elementary school.

SIDE NOTE – as an alabama fan i probably should say something about the BCS national championship last night. i will say two things 1) ROLL TIDE! 2) while i am thrilled that BAMA won the national championship i am also very ready for the BCS to change. they are supposedly going to make some changes. we’ll see what happens.

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