fred has new tires

for those of you keeping up with the development of fred the sentra today he received two new, balanced front tires and new windshield wipers. this means that fred is now able to handle highway speeds. previously the front tires were bald and unbalanced and it made for an interesting ride at 70 mph, especially in snow, which is why i had only taken him on the highway once. that one time was enough for me. as for the windshield wipers i am a fan of decent wipers and rain x. i can live with a car that might break down at any moment but i can’t handle one with terrible windshield wipers.

next is fixing the exhaust system which should happen this weekend.

SIDE NOTE – i found this forum post concerning the rebuild of a 92 sentra. it is a lot more than i want to do to fred but still has some useful in it.

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  1. Several things:
    First, it brought a smile to my face when I saw the car’s name….Remember the little wooden and wire dolly we slid down to the ditch from your window?

    In the state of Alabama you can drive a car w/o a windshield, but not w/o windshield wipers.

    “next is fixing the exhaust system” should be “I’m FIXING to work on the exhaust system”.


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