got to love easy repairs

i promise to post other things than just fred the sentra repairs. right now i am just posting a quick aside concerning the quick fix of the cruise control.

i love quick fixes.

i tried tried the cruise control today and it did’t work. the main power and setting controls worked fine but there was no actual cruise control. in other words, i could set the speed but it wouldn’t hold it. i don’t know a ton of car repairs off the top of my head (that’s why i have a haynes and chilton manual for the sentra) but i do know that such circumstances usually mean a bad vacuum hose. i popped open the hood checked the hose end by the cruise control module (black box on the firewall by the driver’s side door) and it was good. i then checked the hose end connected to the actuator (a round black plastic object connected to the module via the vacuum hose and connected by a cable to the throttle) end of the hose only to discover a crack in the hose. i clipped off 1/4″ of the hose and reconnected it. problem solved.

if only everything was so easy to fix.

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