opportunity to love


hey threads. as a church we have a couple of opportunities to love on our neighbors by providing meals.

  • eric & natalie glaze’s neighbors are about to give birth (actually only the female is but we’ll give a little credit to the guy). they don’t have any family around point so the glazes asked if they would like some help with meals after their baby is born. they were thrilled. she is a vegetarian/almost vegan while he is a slightly picky omnivore. we’re looking for people who would provide different meals that are friendly to both. interested? either contact the glazes or me and i will put you in contact with them.
  • the faxons are about to gain a few more kids (which is saying something considering how many they already have). they have a friend who is going through chemo and his kids can’t be around him or his wife for reasons of contagion. therefore the faxons will be keeping the three kids for a while. it would be cool to help with some meals for the faxons while the kids are there and then the family when he is through with his treatment. this will mean feeding 11 people. their friends are islamic so this means we will need to try and make the food halal (angel has some instructions concerning this). we have a little time before this starts (june) but we need to start planning now. the faxons might also need some help with getting one of the children to school every now and then.

ladies and gents this is what the church does. let’s get to it.

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