need a pair of sunglasses?

2012-04-27 22.27.34

i tend to blaze through sunglasses. i always have. i have left sunglasses on my car bumper and then accidentally run them over. i have dropped pairs of sunglasses into lakes and rivers only to see them slowly fall into the deep. i have busted the lens of sunglasses on tree branches and other objects. i just tend to be rough on sunglasses. a long time ago i actually bought a few expensive pairs of sunglasses but they never seemed to last any longer than the cheap pairs so i now just stick with inexpensive sunglasses. it just works better for me this way.

two days ago i decided to buy a pair of fishing sunglasses from amazon. i can’t presently find the pair that i had been using for the past year and a half. on amazon i found a pair of key largo polarized sunglasses for $13.95 with a pretty high review rating. i decided to buy them. the sunglasses came in the mail today. when i say “they” i mean plural in number rather “they” just as a single pair of glasses. the picture above is the box of sunglasses i received. there are 12 sunglasses in the box. i freaked out a little thinking that i had just spent $167.40 ($13.95*12) on 11 more glasses than i wanted. like i said earlier i don’t spend a lot of money on sunglasses because i will just end up breaking them. so i checked my bill on amazon. nope, i didn’t spent anymore than $13.95. i guess that amazon made a mistake and sent me too many glasses by accident. i’ll email them tomorrow to make sure. my guess is that they will probably tell me to keep them, though i am definitely not sure about this.

there is a decent chance that i might not have to worry very much about sunglasses for quite some time. anyone need a pair of sunglasses?

creative dress


i just heard a story on npr concerning a girl in missouri her made her own prom dress out of cardboard. the photo above is the creator of the dress modeling it. in my opinion the dress looks pretty nice. turns out she has done this several times before. she made one out of can pop tabs that i am particularly impressed by because i have to imagine the same amount of work is required for working with pop tabs as is involved in making chainmail. anyhow, i love the fact that she took her prom as an opportunity to display a part of her real self (i.e. in this case her creativity and skill) rather than just an opportunity to show skin.

the most dangerous terrell

i don’t really know how this has worked out but roux, the youngest basset hound in the family, is considered by the other members of the terrell house as the grumpiest member of the family WHEN oreo, our cat, is the only member of the family who has ever injured anyone. actually that is an understatement because oreo regularly hurts people. bites and scratches are a weekly manner. pam says that oreo is just playing but i don’t think play normally involves blood. i think roux has received a bad rap.

message involvement

i want as many people as possible to be able to contribute to each week’s message at tapestry. i seek input during the development of the message (and will seek even more later as i research coolaboration effectiveness for my d.min) and i seek input during the message itself. of course, some people will never actually speak up during the message so i’m exploring a new way of encouraging involvement from people with input who are not fans of speaking in public.

for the past few months i have been setting up a scripture “event” for each sermon. these events are nice but they don’t really let everyone participate with each other. i won’t to encourage more involvement and participation not encourage more ways to just recieve. so ihave been wanting to do something different for awhile. thus amobile ready site that will post each week’s scripture, related links, the slides from the message, and various church related things. everyone can then comment during the message with their thoughts, input, questions, etc. it is basically a blog that you can interact with on your smartphone or tablet.

i actually have an android app that already connects with the website. it will be on the android market/google play in a week or so (thanks drew). an ios app will have to wait awhile because the cost structure is different. of course, you don’t really need the app to access the site and participate, it just makes it a little bit easier.

this should be fun to see how this thing is used.

yac’s clues to spotting JESUS

meeting yaconelli at a national youth workers convention

sunday night during the message i used a list that mike yaconelli wrote in his wonderful study “the disciple experiment” concerning “clues” to knowing how JESUS would respond. i was asked to posted these so here they are:

  • whatever JESUS did, HE upset people
  • when JESUS did something, it was costly
  • when JESUS did something, people’s lives were changed
  • JESUS spent a lot of time doing nothing, which is actually something
  • JESUS failed – at least it looked that way

there are lots of situations where we know pretty well how JESUS would respond, others where we don’t honestly know for sure how JESUS would respond, and finally many situations where i am sure i know how HE would respond but i’m quite possibly wrong. in my opinion, these clues are a great start of following CHRIST. the beauty of following a gracious GOD is that HE is quite forgiving when i am stupid.

yac was awesome and is still a huge influence on how i follow CHRIST and try to help others to follow CHRIST.

SIDE NOTE – here is a little bit of the wonderfulness that was yac. i so wish i had been able to know him as more than just an acquaintance. even so i really miss him.

hot problems

awesome. i can’t tell if this is meant to be a joke or not. i would tend to say it was a joke except for the description under the video on youtube which says…

old bailey productions did not create any of the audio or lyrics for this video. we produced the video as a favor.

makes me think they are distancing themselves from the song and thus it is real. anyhow i can’t stop laughing. “hot girls have problems too. we’re just like you, except we’re hot.”  quite funny.

i think i now owe rebecca black an apology. “friday” is not the worst song ever produced. it is the second worst song ever produced. 🙂