a few random thoughts

i am presently on the downhill slide of writing the final project proposal for my d.min dissertation/project. so i’m taking a few moments away from working on the questionnaire that i will use to quantify the study and writing a few random thoughts.

  • wordless jazz, classical, ambient or foreign music are the only things that seems to work for me when i am studying. music with words just seems to get in the way of my mind.
  • after 8 months of not running more than 40 miles a month i believe i am finally back in the training groove. this is great because my goal is to PR at the whistlestop marathon in ashland, wi in october. pam and i are excited about this because it will be a good chance to see adam at northland college.
  • speaking of which, i can’t believe that adam is graduating this week. how can he be old enough to go to college? parenting has made me more and more thankful for my parents. right now i am just very thankful that they didn’t completely lose it when i graduated and went away to school. i am not sure i will be able to do the same thing.
  • every now and then i miss seeing johnny b. it would be a lot of fun to hang out with him for a little while right now. maybe go on a bus ride for an afternoon like we did once in baton rouge.
  • i used the word epaulette today in a digital message. not sure why but i find that oddly pleasing.
  • it is funny how your body can so thoroughly adjust to its environmental context. saturday i was roasting in the 88 degree weather while i ran. 5 years ago in baton rouge i would have thought it was a very pleasant day for a run.
  • btw, when did it become summer in wisconsin? aren’t we still supposed to be in the season of spring?

this photo makes me laugh every time i see it.

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