bringing in the big bucks

i just received my amazon associate report and looks like i could start making a living rom this blogging thing. i’ve earned a whopping $3.58 over the past year. yep, that should support the family for a while.

i guess i should post some more links if i am really going to get any click throughs and have anyone buy a book through my amazon associate account. here are the books i have been reading lately.

other recent terrell buys from amazon.

  • logitech tablet keyboard for ipad – this was noah thing. i tried to convince him to get a keyboard case instead but he doesn’t like them for some reason.
  • asus transformer tablet – this was adam’s graduation present along with the keyboard dock. we talked and figured out that a tablet desktop combination was probably better for his college experience than a laptop would be. i’m a little jealous.

now go buy some of this crap … i mean great stuff … so i can get a little more amazon love.

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