the annotated bibliography


establishing the foundation for my d.min project/dissertation (which is a study concerning the effectiveness of collaborative sermon preparation) is done through by establishing an annotated bibliography that is evaluated by a recognized expert in the field to make sure that it represents the general thought and discussion of the field. it is similar to the literature reviews that other fields do as an initial part of their studies.

i have been corresponding with dr. wesley allen of lexington seminary and author of “the homiletic of all believers” to develop the annotated bib for my project. yesterday morning dr. allen said it looked good. i was so thrilled that i shouted loud enough to wake noah up.  thus my tweet yesterday.

i felt pretty good about the books i was using for the foundation of the project before i corresponded with dr. allen but I AM THRILLED with the books that talking with him led me to consider. thanks to the used books on amazon i was able to get them for next to nothing. i think the most i spent on any of the books is $6. most of them i was able to buy for $3-$4.

here is the annotated bibliography for anyone who is interested.

the remaining steps for finishing my project proposal are:

  • receive edits from dr. lemke (my faculty mentor) and update paper.
  • have paper reviewed by d.min reader to make sure it is ready to be submitted.
  • have paper read by dr. ogea associate dean of the professional doctorate program to make sure it is ready to be submitted.
  • submit the proposal to the professional doctorate committee for approval.

once it is approved i can begin to work on the actual study. yeah.

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