sunday night i used a photo of some backpacking i did in 2001 and for all the threads whose last name isn’t terrell it was the first time they had seen me before i started running. i start running in 2005 because i had gained some weight and i wanted to loose it. actually i started playing a lot of racquetball in 2003 to loose this weight but then my racquetball partner went and started another church. this led to him being too busy to play in our bi-weekly challenges and i was left needing to participate in some form of solitary form of exercise or find another partner. all the racquetball partners i tried playing against were better than me so i opted for running instead. 🙂

anyhow, i used the photo below as part of an illustration for my message on sunday night and the response was not what i expected. there were several snickers, which i did expect, but one person said “whoa” loud enough for everyone in the washington elementary school gym to hear. i guess i look a little different, which is really a good thing.

here’s the photo. i am the one on the left. enjoy.


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