pam, noah, and i watched pixar’s brave this afternoon and as usual with pixar movies it was really good. if i had a daughter it would be a must watch. really pixar consistently does a great job.

i would write more about the movie but i have taken a benadryl to counteract what i think might be poison ivy. i say think because i have never had a reaction to poison ivy or poisn oak before. i know that i have had contact with it before. in fact, they are several times that i have volunteered to clear the stuff from an area because i had never had any reaction to it. i’m not sure that i am having a reaction to it but i have developed a rash all over my shins and calves in the past two days. it itches a fare amount and i am now drowsy from the benadryl.

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  1. Robert, when you wake up try vinegar on the poison ivy, over and over until it is gone. That is what someone told me after about the sixth outbreak in two years and it helped me a great deal!
    PS LOVED the state of Wisconsin. Hated not to see you all while we were in the north but didn’t go through your neck of the woods.

  2. We just followed I-94 through the state to get to Chicago. Spend a day there before driving back home.

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